Why I started blogging

Let me first tell you a little back round story about me and why I decided to start a blog back in early 2012.

I was 29 at the time and was at the lowest point of my life. (Rock Bottom)

Lost my dream job (Making $30 per hr), sold everything I owned just to pay my bills, got a new job 4 months later, ($10 per hr) got depressed and disappointed, started drinking heavily (lead to DUI & Jail time.

My life was headed down a dead-end road at 120 mph.

I needed to make a change ASAP.

Apparently I messed up BIG time and thankfully, I was smart enough to realized and then learn and correct my mistakes so I can improve my circumstances, future and destiny.

If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.

To make a long story a little shorter, I made a decision to work from home in my spare time to build a home-based internet business and make money online.

My goal was to build my home business in my spare time, working very part-time to create multiple streams of income that will surpass the income I was currently earning working full-time at my current job, so I could quit my J.O.B and work full-time on my internet business for a few years so then I can work part-time and still earn more than a full-time income.

When I first started my internet business, I knew absolutely nothing about starting or operating a successful internet business.

But I did not let that stop me.

I tried just about everything, most of the things I tried in the beginning did not work, from printing out 500 fliers and posting them on every tree, pole and stop sign in my town.

When that did not work, I put them on cars in the supermarket parking lots.

Still nothing…

Since it was not a earning experience, I just turned it into a learning experience.

Then I started posted hundreds of posts in random Facebook groups, until they threw me in Facebook jail and almost suspended my account.

When that didn’t work. I needed to find a new strategy.

Looking back now, I was finding myself doing and trying just about everything but personally approaching strangers I did not know or without having to bug my friends and family.

After a few months of trying things that did not work, I was just about ready to give up, quit and go out and look for a better job and go on my merry little way, stressed, broke and disappointed wanting more out of life but not able to get it.

To be honest with you, over my last 3 years of building my online business, I must have quit on myself 30 times.

It’s not what you’ve been through in your life that defines who you are, it’s how you got through it that has made you the person you are today. Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you’ve ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were.

But a few days later, I realized if I don’t keep building my home business and pushing forward I was going to working at a job earning just enough not to quit and work just hard enough not to get fired.

That kept me motivated to kept me pushing forward through the tough times and easy times.

This picture below, sums it all up.

reality to success

Once I realized, what I was doing was not working. I needed to find a new way.

That lead me to searching the internet for new strategies to grow my business. I found new techniques and new mentors to follow and learn from and model.

The turning point

After about 4 months of spinning my wheels and wasting my time, I finely learned what I had to do and it all made sense.

To make money online you need to do one thing and one thing only to earn commissions and that is SELLING stuff.

The secret to building a profitable home-based business is to sell things to people who want to buy them.

You need your sales message to reach the right people at the right time.

If you want to make money online, there are two options…

You are going to go out, search and find the ideal customers and persuade them to buy what you are selling or have the ideal customers coming to you ready and willing to buy what you have.

Once I realized that, everything made sense and I was more determined than ever to knock it out of the park.

How to start blogging

I am going to be totally honest with you..

The hardest part of blogging is getting it all set up.

From finding the best place to buy a domain name and how to get it hosted on the internet.

Then installing a good theme and setting up a strong foundation to build a successful blog that is going to be on the internet working for you 24/7 targeting the right people at the right time producing targeted leads and sales in your business.

Last week I decided to lay down everything I have learned from blogging to help you set up a prime piece of real estate on the internet and work smarter not harder.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let me help you do it the smartest way possible.

When you enter your email address below, I am going to send you my secret blogging training right to your inbox.

I will show you how to start a blog and get it on the internet to what important pages you need to post before you even start blogging and how to master SEO and get your blog posts ranked on the search engines that will continue to attract potential buyers wanting to buy what you are selling.

Are you ready to finely get the leading edge in you business.

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If you have any comments, questions or feedback leave them in the comment section below.

Looking forward to meeting you in the first training session.

See ya there,

Michael Pruiksma & Little Cousin Mia!Michael Pruiksma from Modernized Lifestyle

I’m an entrepreneur, with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being. Modernized-Lifestyle is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life! Connect with me on social media below.

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  • Carnation

    I’m a single mother of 4 and recently got laid off from my job last month and living with a friend. I’m struggling and refuse to ask the father for any help at all. I’ve tried a few online business in the past and never had any success. I am elite member of Empower Network at the moment and want to peruse further in this business and succeed to provide for my family. I’m watching the elite training video with Mark and he mentioned that I should’ve sent out a few blogs by now. I’m confused and feel like maybe I missed a video to show me how to do it. Please help, I’m willing to go forward.

  • Carnation

    I’m a single mother of 4 and recently got laid off from my job last month and living with a friend. I’m struggling and refuse to ask the father for any help at all. I’ve tried a few online business in the past and never had any success. I am elite member at the moment and want to peruse further in this business and succeed to provide for my family. I’m willing to go all in.

  • Les McDonald

    I’m in.. I want to retire!

  • Sherry

    I’ve been using Thrive since March and I signed up as a promoter. I love Thrive and I need a way to advertise to the masses. I am ready to be VIP200K by November (I have big dreams.) I would love to be able to spend more time “doing” life instead of life “doing” me in.

  • Matt

    I decided to get into blogging because I’m a believer in the possibilities that has the offer. I tried the whole college thing, and it just wasn’t for me. There is no degree that I can imagine getting and enjoying for the rest my life. I feel blogging is very adaptable and constantly changing. It can be used for countless an endless things. I want to be successful and enjoy what I’m being successful at. And I truly believe that this is it.
    “You can fail at what you don’t want, so might as well take a chance at doing what you love.”
    -Jim Carrey

    • Awesome Matt…. With that attitude nothing is going to stop you. “Shoot of the moon because if you miss you will land among the stars”. If you have any questions or need help I’m here just ask…. My blogging training series with put you on the fast track to blogging!

  • Hawley

    I have no clue how to build a blog. No experience in writing too but I know I have to do this to be successful. Help!!
    Thank you

    • Hey Hawley,

      All you have to do is simply enter your best email address in the box where it says on this page and I will send you my blogging training series that will show you exactly what to do. There are also some secret tools that help you create headlines and ideas on what to blog about. If you have any other question or need help getting your blog started and set up let me know. I am here to help.

  • Sarah

    Hi Michael,

    I’m new to internet marketing. I really want to be the best I can at selling Le-Vel Thrive. I’ve set my goal high. I figure if others can do it, than why can’t I. I don’t want to waste my energy and time by just jumping in head first and just rely on family and friends. I came across your post and have truly enjoyed listening to you. I know I can do this but know nothing about blogging. I look forward to getting started!

    • Hey Sarah,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will land among the stars.

      I will be glad to help you, if you willing to learn and implement what I teach you.

  • Well, I’m new to internet marketing. I started about last year! I been through the trial and error of internet marketing. We you join a online business. They hype everything up! Like it will be easy to do! I post links on Facebook, Twitter, etc…

    I not see any reult! I gave up for awhile. I decided to come with a bette appoach. Blogging is the main traffic and sale builde. Im not a very good writer. But it seem that I dont have any choice!

    • Hey Derrick…

      I was in the same position.. There were a few times I wanted to throw my computer out the window and just stay in bed all day. Dude, I bet I am / was a worse writer than you when I began back in 2012.
      The hardest part is getting started.
      Then doing it..
      I would be glad to help you out and show you how to start a awesome blog and setting it up the proper way.

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