The best digital home based business to have in 2017


What’s up my friends…

What I am going to do right now, is share with you what I believe is the best digital home based business for 2017.

Just think about this…
You are selling a product online that pays a handsome commission for referring someone to buy the product.

The great part is that it ships right from the factory to their home.

You will not have to lug anything around with you, or stock, ship or up package anything.

That part is virtually hands free.

The next part is going to get the “offer” in front of the right people, at the right time.

That is done by advertising to highly qualified people who want, and are able buy the product being sold.

Create an advertisement and advertise to a targeted audience. When the interested people see it, they click on it and then, that will bring them to a squeeze page.

A squeeze or capture page is meant for one thing.

Turn that interested prospect a lead.

Meaning he raised his hand and said I am interested, please send me more information, so he enters his email on the squeeze page and becomes a lead.

Now that you have his email address, you can send more information, case studies and testimonials and turn that lead into a sale and get paid.


How is that the best digital home business for 2017.

Spend a few hours creating and testing different ads to see which one performs the best so you can scale it up to as high as you can go.

Think about it…

If you were selling a high ticket item that was in high demand and received a commission check in your mail box for $1,000 every sale you made.

Lets say you were running ads for a few days and testing and tweaking your ads and you spent about $250 on advertising to get enough leads to make a sale.

Even though you invested 250 to make 1k you profited $750.

Now the big question is…

Would you be smart and invest that profit right back into advertising to scale up and get more leads to sell and make more.

Would you give the advertiser $2,500 to make 10k?

It all becomes a numbers game when you really figure out the game.

Seriously… When you have a winning ad that is getting good leads and are converting into sales, you can invest more in advertising to scale as big as you want to go.

But if you don’t know what you are doing, you can piss away a lot of money fast.

You need to create an add that grabs attention and get results.

Discovering you target audiences so you know your message is going to the people who and are most likely to buy what your selling.

Creating good squeeze pages that extract red-hot leads from cold traffic.

Writing good emails to follow-up and close the sale.

To be honest with you…

I have been mastering my marketing skills since 2012 and it is really difficult to make everything flow just right.

So instead of trying to do everything myself and fail, what I did was partner up with a few guys that were just killing it and leveraged their stuff.

WOW!!! This takes it to a whole new level.

Leveraging a professional online automated marketing system that has already over 250k invested in it.

Now I didn’t have to make my own ads…

I just the someones they were using because they were proven to work.

I didn’t have to design my own squeeze pages and hire a copywriter and designer to make a good squeeze page.

I didn’t have to write weeks of emails to drip feed my leads to convert them into sales.

I didn’t have to have live webinars 2x a week to close sales

I didn’t have to close the sale, their professional sales staff did for me.

It’s pure genius and I sure wish I had something like this when I first began my home based business.

Right now I want to usher you past the velvet rope and get behind the scenes access to our teams live event.

Pop by and take a peak behind the curtain. You know you want to.

Just click the button right below.

We are hosting a live mastermind soon.

See you there,

Michael & the wild horse on the beach

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