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Since I started my online business journey back in 2012, my mentor told me that the more I learn the more I earn.

Over the year I have developed a pretty big collection or business and self-development books than installed new philosophies, ideas and valuable information that took me from the rock bottom to living the modernized lifestyle.

My mentor also told me that formal education will earn you a living and self-development will earn you a fortune.

Average people have big TVs and rich and successful people have big library’s.

Below is my list of personal development and business books I have read and listened to time and time again.

Back in 2012 my mentor told me that everything that happened to me and all the people who influenced me, lead me to this exact point in my life.

I am so grateful for the position I am in now but before I started reading all these books it was the hardest time in my life.

I was stressed, depressed and hopeless.

Then I realized if I didn’t make a change, nothing was going to change.

My mentor also told me to learn for the successful people who already did what I wanted to do.

They already went down the road to success, all I had to do was follow their foot prints. So that what I did and hopefully you will invest in at least one of the self-development or business books below.

As of 11/3/2015 this is how much time I listened to all the books listed below.

Personal Development and Business Audio Books Listening Time

Over the years I made a good investment of good ear buds I plug into my Iphone and listen to my books when I am driving, working or doing stuff that does not take a lot of focus.

Some days I only listen for a few minutes and some days I listen for a few hours.

Self Development and Business Books.

Audio books

In no particular order, I want to share with you my personal collection of…

All of my audio books, I have purchased from Audible.

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    • Tim S Grover – Rentless
    • Napoleon Hill – The road to riches
    • Napoleon Hill – Think and grow rich
    • Napoleon Hill – Your right to be rich
    • Napoleon Hill – The magic ladder to success
    • Grant Cardone – The 10x rule
    • Grant Cardone – Sell of be sold
    • Grant Cardone – The closer’s survival guide
    • Grant Cardone – If you’re not first your last
    • Grant Cardone – Secrets of selling
    • Jim Rohn – The power of ambition
    • Jim Rohn – Building your network marketing business
    • Jim Rohn – The 5 keys to understanding the market place
    • Jim Rohn – Leadership
    • Jim Rohn – Communication and the art of persuasion
    • Zig Ziglar – Building a healthy self-image
    • Zig Ziglar – See you at the top
    • Zig Ziglar – Goals
    • Les Brown – Step into your greatness
    • Les Brown – How passion leads to a bigger life
    • Les Brown – The power of purpose
    • Brian Tracy – The psychology of selling
    • Robin Sharma – The leader that had no title
    • Robin Sharma – Extraordinary leadership
    • Noah St. John –  The secret code to success
    • Steven Pressfield – Do the work
    • Gary Vaynerchuck – Crush it
    • Art Williams – How to beat talent, brains and education
    • Michael Materson – Ready, Fire, Aim
    • Tom Hopkins – Becoming a sales Pro
    • Tom Hopkins – Mastering the art of selling
    • Joseph Murphy – The power of your subconscious mind
    • Paul Smith – Lead with a story
    • Perry Marshall – 80/20 Sales and marketing
    • George S Clason – The richest man in Babylon
    • Joel Osteen – The power of I am
    • R.L Adams – The art of persistence
    • Lynn Grabhorn – Excuse me your life is waiting
    • Jonah Berger – Contagious
    • Simon Sinek – Start with why
    • Kerry Patterson – Crucial Conversations
    • John C. Maxwell – Be a people person
    • John C Maxwell – The 15 invaluable laws of growth
    • Kent Sayre – Unstoppable confidence
    • James Allen – As a man thinketh
    • Chet Holmes – The ultimate sales machine
    • Seth Goden – All marketers are liars
    • Leland Dee Benton – Triggers that cause buyers to open their wallets
    • Bob Proctor – The common denominator of success
    • Tom Wheelwright – Tax free wealth
    • Dawn Fotopulos – Accounting for numberphobic
    • Mark W Schaefer – The content code
    • Dale Carnegie – How to stop worrying and start living
    • Claude C Hopkins – Scientific advertising
    • Tess Vigeland – Leap leaving a job with no plan B
    • The Arbinger institute – Leadership & self discipline
    • Deepak Chopra – The seven spiritual laws of success
    • MJ DeMarco – The millionaire fast lane
    • Earl Nightingale – The strangest secret
    • Lee G Bolman & Terrance E Deal – How great leaders think : The art of re-framing
    • Bernadette Jiwa – Make your ideas matter
    • Petter F Drucker – Managing oneself
    • Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist
    • Ace McCloud – Team building
    • Ace McCloud motivation
    • Leil Lowndes – How to talk to anyone
    • Eric Worre – Go Pro 7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional
    • Peter J Voogd – 6 months to 6 figures
    • Todd Henry – Die empty
    • Maxwell Malts –  The new psycho-cybernnetics
    • Oren Klaff – Pitch anything
    • Duane Lakin – The unfair advantage
    • Tom Butler-Bowden – Your way to success
    • Brendon Burchard – The motivation manifesto
    • Brendon Burchard – The charge
    • Brendon Burchard – The millionaire messenger
    • Darren Hardy – The entrepreneur roller coaster
    • Chris Anderson – The long tail
    • Ari Gold – The gold standard
    • Eckhart Tolle – A new earth
    • Brian McDonald – Invisible ink
    • T. Harv Eker – Secrets of the millionaire mind
    • Joseph Murphy – The master-key to wealth
    • Mark Fisher – The instant millionaire
    • Dan Millman – Way of the peaceful warrior
    • Tom Big Al Schreiter –  Ice breakers how to get any prospect to beg for your presentation
    • Tom Big Al Schreiter – How to prospect, sell and build your network marketing business with stories
    • Tom Big Al Schreiter – How to get instant trust, belief, influence and rapport
    • Tom Big Al Schreiter – How to build network marketing leaders
    • Fredrik Eklund – The sell
    • Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki – Midas touch
    • Robin Sharma – The energy explosion
    • Tom Corson-Knowles Guest blogging goldmine
    • Chris King – Link building for #1 rankings
    • Francois Lelord – Hector and the search for happiness
    • Jack Canfield – The success principles
    • Tom M Sterner – The practicing mind
    • Patrick Lencioni – The five dysfunctions of a team
    • Adam Farrier – The advertising effect
    • Nadine Keller – Make it all about them
    • Bernadette Jiwa – Difference
    • Bernadette Jiwa – The fortune cookie principle
    • Dan Johnston – Self confidence secrets
    • Darren Hardy – The compound effect
    • R.L Adams – Seo for bloggers
    • David J Schwartz – The magic of thinking big
    • Robert Greene & 50 cent – The 50th law
    • Robert Collier – Riches within your reach
    • Stephen R Covey The 7 habits if highly effective people
    • Shawn Achor – The happiness advantage
    • Aziz Gazipura – 5 steps to unleash you inner confidence
    • Jesse Krieger – Lifestyle entrepreneur
    • Steve Harvy – Act like a success
    • Seth Goden – Purple cow
    • Roger Dooley – Brainfluence
    • Joshua Foer – Moon walking with Einstein
    • Kurt – W Mortensen – Maximum influence 2nd edition
    • Steven Pressfield – The war of art
    • D.C. Gonzalez – The art of mental training
    • Michael Bosworth – What great sales people do
    • Richard O’Connor – Rewire
    • Joe Pulizzi – Content Inc
    • Anthony Robbins – Unlimited power
    • Anthony Robbins – Awaken the giant within
    • Tony Robbins – Money master the game
    • Oprah Winfrey – What I know for sure
    • Michael D.C. Drout – The modern scholar
    • Eric Ries – The lean start-up
    • Geoff Colvin – Talent is overrated
    • Michael E Gerber – The E-myth revisited
    • Blake Masters & Peter Thiel – Zero to one
    • Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers
    • Timothy Ferris – The 4 hour work week
    • Gary Keller & Jay Papasan – The one thing
    • Peter Drucker – theory of the business
    • Eric Thomas – The secrets to success
    • Drew Eric Witman – The $50,000 business makeover marathon
    • Chris Garret & Darren Rowse – Pro blogger
    • Hugh Neman & Walter D Wattles -Science of getting rich
    • Joeseph J Romm – Language intelligence
    • Bryan Heathman – Conversion marketing
    • Jack Foster – How to get ideas
    • L. Ron Hubbard – Self Analysis
    • Valerie Khoo – Power stories
    • R.L Adams – The millionaire method
    • R.L Adams – SEO black book
    • R.L Adams – SEO White book
    • Dan Schawbel -Me 2.0
    • Michael Clarke – Search engine marketing
    • Dave Ramsey – Entreleadership
    • Scott Welle – Building a network marketing business
    • Joe Pulizzi – Epic content marketing
    • Brian Burns – The maverick selling method
    • Warren Greshes – The best damn sales book ever
    • Mark Levy Accidental genius
    • Murry Newlands – Online marketing a user manual
    • Jim F Kukral – Attention! This book will make you money
    • Ann Handley – Content rules
    • David Newman – Do it marketing

This is a list of self-development and business audio book.

My Self Development and Business book collection

I am not a big fan of reading but I do have a couple of books I have read over the years.

  • Ryan Levesque – Ask
  • Brendon Burchard – The motivation manifesto
  • MJ DeMarco -The millionaire fast lane
  • Tom Big Al Schreiter – 26 instant ideas marketing ideas to build your network marketing business
  • Dan S Kennedy – The ultimate sales letter
  • Mike Dillard – Magnetic Sponsoring
  • Mel H Abraham – The entrepreneurs solution
  • Jeff Walker – Launch
  • L Michael Hall – The source book of magic
  • L Michael Hall – Mindlines

Since 2012 these are all the books I have learned from to get me where I am today.

I have learned so very valuable information in every book I have listen to or read.

If you are ready to make some improvements in your life and learn new skills and information to better your life and information I highly recommend picking up or listening to a book for at least 3o minutes a day.

Also if you have read or learned from any great books lately or have a favorite book, please feel free to share it with me in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading my blog, now go get a good book.

My favorite place to learn is relaxing on the beach, where is your?

Make it a great day!

Michael Pruiksma

Michael THRIVING With DFT Ultra Patch

I’m an entrepreneur, with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being. Modernized-Lifestyle is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life! Connect with me on social media below.

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