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I just want to, say THANK YOU! To everyone reading this post right now.

Whoever thought this would ever be possible for me…

When I turned to the internet back in 2012, I really wanted to make it happen and live the laptop lifestyle.

I knew NOTHING when I first began. I just had a burning desire to make enough money from my home-based internet business working in my spare time, to earn more than enough money so I can quit my job and work full-time on my business and make enough money to work just part-time and still earn a full-time income.

It was tough in the beginning, I knew how to send an email and that was about it.

There were hundreds times I wanted to give up.

But the problem was, I didn’t want to work the typical 9-5 rat race.

Build Your Dream Lifestyle

I wanted more out of life than just working at a job, living paycheck to paycheck stressed, struggling and in debt.

To bring you up to speed 5/31/15 was my 3rd year Anniversary of building profitable home-based internet businesses all online without prospecting on the phone, bugging my friends and family and without having to host home or hotel parties.

If you asked me back in 2011 if I was ever going to earning multiple streams of income 24/7 that is totaling in the thousands back then. I would have laughed and told you it wasn’t possible.

It is so crazy how once simple decision can lead your life in a totally different direction than you ever would have though.

I am so glad I was sick and tired of being sick and tired working at a dead-end job, living paycheck to paycheck and wanted a change.

if you do

I have promoted numerous, make money online – home-based business opportunities over the years and I found some that wasn’t so good and some that was good.

So I stuck with the good ones and found better ones.

Since my journey started, the last year or so, I really got in to personal development and improving just about every area of my life, from my health and wellness, relationships, business and income.

I strive to learn new ideas and philosophy’s to improve my health, wealth and happiness.

Now I do some crazy stuff like oil pulling, where I swish coconut oil in my mouth for 20-40 min.

Also learning what foods give your body more energy and power and what don’t.


Multiple Streams of Income

That’s right, ever since I lost my dream job back in 2007, I am never letting my future ride on one source of income ever again.

Even though I think The best home-based business, I promote tools that help me make more money faster and more efficient.

It all stats with a blog for me. I earn 93% of my income from my blog and highly recommend getting a blog if you do not have one yet. If you do don’t miss out one my blogging SEO blueprint.

A blog to me is a piece of online real estate and if you position it in the right location (search terms) you will have people coming to you wanted to buy what you are selling.

The hardest part or blogging, is setting the damn thing up. Just to help you out and put you on the fast track, this is the blogging system to get.

Just this tool alone, put an extra 3k in my bank account.


I make all that money from blogging.

Over the years I learned how to position myself in front of the right people who are ready to make a buying decision and when they buy I earn money.

My secret tool to help me achieve prime real estate on the internet is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

The keyword tool also helps me dominate the search results with my SEO YouTube Secrets.

Once I get me content out on the internet, my home-business is working for me 24/7 if I am at my computer, at the beach, on vacation or sleeping.

The more time I invest in building it, the more money I make in the long run.

A lot of people look at making-money online a sprint, but it is really a marathon where you focus on the finish line and jump the hurdles and they appear, not run as fast as you can trip on the first hurdle and quit.

This is what the road to success looks like.

What Success looks like

But if you stick with it and keep moving forward, nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams but YOU.

Again I just want to say Thank you and really look forward to working with you and getting to know you.

Now it’s time to go jump in the ocean and cool off…

Michael Pruiksma Making Money On the Beach In Ocean City Maryland

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Make today, better than it was yesterday.

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