My Story of Transformation

What would YOU do, when your dream dies?

You’re about to discover how Michael lost his dream job, plummeted straight to rock bottom and had to start all over working a job making just $12 bucks per hour, until one day Michael said that’s it he was sick and tired of being sick and tired struggling to live life paycheck to paycheck.

Since 5/31/2012 Michael turned to the internet to generate some extra income to help pay the bills until one day he stumbled upon a new online system that made is simple and straight forward to earn an income online.

Michael seen the power and potential of the internet and realized that nothing was ever going to change unless he made a change so he started his own home-based online business.

Since then Michael is enjoying life, designing a future of his dreams and now makes more money working from where he wants, when he wants than he ever could make working like a slave at a dead-end job.

Meet Michael Pruiksma

Michael Pruiksma

Michael is about to tell you his personal story that at times is a little difficult to tell because of his struggles he went through.

This post is meant to inspire others to live their lives exactly as they want to live. So as long as you promise not to judge me or leave any negative comments I will tell you my true story of struggle and triumph.

Now before Michael reveals to you what happened in his past that lead him to discover these 3 things that set him free, you need to completely understand how this all happened in order to uncover these realizations.

So as you read his story, pay close attention. Otherwise none of it will make sense as to how this will work for someone else too.

How it all started.

It was the summer of 2001, Michael graduated from high school and was working at a golf course doing grounds maintenance with his uncle Bill. He liked the job and loved working outside but he didn’t like earning $7 per hour and getting laid off every winter just to struggle to live off unemployment.

Michael then looked for a better job to earn more money, everyone kept telling him, if he wanted a better job to earn more money. He would have to go to college and get a degree to get a better job to earn more money.

Since that was his only option at the time, that is what Michael did. His mom helped him get a loan to go to college to learn a new career to earn more money. The career he chose was a heavy equipment operator. Ever since Michael was little he was fascinated by big machines and he love to play with his tonka toys in the sand box growing up.

Thousands of dollars later, Michael flew down to Florida to the National Heavy Equipment Operators School and learned how to operate earth moving machines and drive 18 wheelers. Michael graduated on top of his class and flew back home with the knowledge to operate heavy equipment and also had his class A CDL license to drive 18 wheelers.

Right after Michael returned home, he was searching through the help wanted section of his local news paper and seen there was three companies hiring heavy equipment operators. So Michael called the first job listing and set up an interview the next day and was hired on the spot.

This was a dream come true, Michael left working at the golf course making $7 per hour and landed his new job as a heavy equipment operator starting out at $14.50 per hour. He more than doubled his income and now he was doing what he really wanted to do and was getting paid good money to make little rocks out of big ones, siting in excavator loading rocks into rock crushers.

Michael Pruiksma operating portable rock crushers

Life was good. Michael continued to get raises and bonuses and after about 5 years he was making close to $30 per hour in his mid 20’s. It was a dream come true.

Then in 2007 Michael’s dreams ended faster than it started.

Michael wasn’t prepared for this.

The financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 hit the USA economy and Michael lost his dream job. The construction industry was at a stand still.

Michael did not know what to do or where to turn, he thought he was just going to find a new job and pick up in his career where he left off.

Since Michael was earning $1,200 – $1,500 a week he stashed some in his savings account and also purchased a new truck, motorcycle and other toys he wanted.

Michael was just going to keep searching for another heavy equipment operator job, hoping the financial crisis will just blow over and everything will return to normal.

Then about 6 months later, he was applying to every construction company within 50 miles, Michael’s bank account was empty and had to find a job ASAP.

It is really tough to find a good job during a financial crisis. After Michael’s bank account was empty, he had to start selling his toys just to get money to pay his bills and put food on the table.

Times were tough.

Everyday Michael was searching for a job and then one day in February as he was searching through the help wanted section of the local news paper, he seen a job titled ” Lawn Technician”. Michael knew a little bit about lawn care from his past experience working at the golf course.

So Michael called them up and set up an interview. Luckily Michael got hired, but he was only going to get paid $10 per hour to fertilize lawns.

It was a job and some income coming in was better than none. So he stuck it out and showed up everyday disappointed that his life was getting worse not better.

He was working three times a hard for a third of the pay, ingesting chemicals 8-10 hours a day.

After a few months of frustration and disappointment, Michael started drinking to mask the pain he was feeling inside.

What a huge mistake that was. That lead Michael to a DUI, jail time, probation, AA meetings and by the time it was all over Michael was 30k in debt.

As they say, things have to get worse before they get better.

Those were the worst years of his life. Begging people to bring him and pick him up from work, probation, AA meeting was more than embarrassing.

Every penny he earned went straight to fines and bills.

Michael knew deep down there had to be a better way to live life than have to live in self-destruction, disappointment and in debt.

The Defining Moment

After about 4 years of working at the same job earning just enough to get by, Michael heard something that altered his future forever.

This is the moment where Michael made a decision that he was not going to continue to live like this any longer.

After a long exhausting day, working in the hot sun dealing with pissed off customers all day. Michael returned to the office of the lawn care company and over heard a conversation between the owners of the company.

Michael listened closely until he heard something that fire him up beyond belief.

The lawn care company he was working at was a franchise and in the franchise agreement they have to sign before they even started the lawn care company. The agreement stated they MUST invest a percentage of their total income in marking and advertising to grown the company.

Then Michael heard that they were going to spend $30,000 on a marketing campaign.

What really fired him up was that they paid a guy over 30k to print a brochure and mail it to neighborhoods.

Michael’s blood pressure was rapidly rising and he was about to blow a gasket.

He couldn’t believe it.

Michael worked his ass over for an entire year and was barely making $25,000 for an entire year working like a slave helping the owners of the company’s dreams come true, while he was barely able to pay his bills from month to month.

Then Michael thought to himself, what if he could earn 30k in a month from the comfort of home working just a few hours a day.

Michael had a burning desire inside of him that no one was going to put out and that was the day he made the decision to learn new skills that was going to make him more money in a single month than he could earn in an entire year working like a modern days slave at a dead-end job helping other people’s dreams become a reality.

The Journey Begins

The day was 5-31-2012 Michael punched out at 4:30 pm and drove home from his job faster than he ever drove before. He was determined to find a way to earn more money and live a better life than just working at a job struggling to make ends meets for the rest of his life.

Michael went right home, fired up his old computer that barely worked and started searching for a better way.

He started searching for things like, How to make money online from home.

Michael had no idea what he was looking for, he just wanted to find a way to make more money online than he could make working at his job, so he can quit his job and live the life he wanted to live and do the things he wanted to do.

Michael was so skeptical and was hesitant about making money online. The biggest problem he had to face was his own thoughts and self-limiting beliefs.

Thoughts like you will never be able to make money online, you don’t know anything about the internet, don’t fall into a pyramid scam, making money online is risky.

Then a few more days went by, he started watching videos and seeing people working from the beach and they were making 5 and even 6 figure a month. Without showing up to a job, without having a boss barking out orders breathing down your neck, without having to wake up at the crack of dawn by an alarm clock to drive to a job he hated just to earn a paycheck that was barely enough to pay the bills.

There were voices in his head that kept telling him, this is not possible, you will never be able to make that much money, you don’t have any experience making money online.

Then one day something shifted in his mind.

He told himself he might not know how to make money online yet, but he was going to do anything and everything he possibly could to learn.

He asked himself… What would be the worst thing that would happen if he couldn’t make any money online?

He would have to continue working at the same dead-end job until he dies.

But what if he gave it all he can and things did work out and he was able to quit his job and design a life of his dreams.

Life would be awesome.

Michael had a vision of his future and set small goals that would get him closer and closer to his dream lifestyle. He also had the past pushing him to make his dreams come true because he was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What Michael didn’t want

Michael kept running into the same type of home-based business opportunities, where you would have to sell lotions, potions and pills to your friends and family and earn a very small commission when you did make the sale.

Since Michael was shy and inexperienced he just knew his friends and family will never buy some over hyped over priced product for $100 so he can make $17.

He would have a better chance just begging for $20!

Michael know there had to be a faster and easier way to make money without having to start a traditional home-based business and stock, ship and sell products.

Michael was determined and kept searching.

Michael’s ultimate discovery

It was late at night and Michael had to get some sleep, because he had to be at work 7am the next morning, but he could not go to sleep because his mind was racing after he discover the ultimate way to earn money online.

Without having to bug his friends and family, without having to host home or hotel meeting to sell products to his neighbors and earn a small commission and with have to sell or talk on the phone.

Michael was on to something and the more he found out the more the better it was.

Michael stayed up late to watch a video presentation that was explaining how regular people were earning 5-6 figures a month with this new “3 Step Laptop Freedom Formula”.

His first reaction was it just seemed to good to be true, then when he seen hundreds of people who were just like him and went from rock bottom to now living the life of their design.

He kept thinking to himself, if they can do it he can do it.

What Michael learned

After finely discovering an automated system with a team and community of positive and motivated individuals from all over the world that share, teach and train you on how to improve your future and design a lifestyle with less stress and more freedom and flexibility to live a life on your terms.

The system I’m talking about is our own private online system that automates 90% of the selling and telling for you.

Also the system is jammed packed with training that shows you how to get people to sign up through your system by advertising our own unique content that is proven to work that already has countless success stories of people just like you.

All you have to focus on is advertising and get people to see the system and it will do the rest for you virtually hands free 24-7.

It sounds pretty crazy but we will explain it for you in full detail our next live webinar you can get free access to by clicking the button below.

Get Access Now

When you combine all of them together in the right process (which the video will explain for you and shows you how) then you have a real chance at creating the kind of income most people only dream about.

The kind of income that gives you total time freedom, more than enough money to enjoy life, even help out the ones you love.

Michael’s Gift To You

Here’s what I know to be true…

If you reading this, then that means you have a desire inside of you that wants something more than what your present reality is. It may simply mean you want more free time, more money or the type of lifestyle that is usually reserved for the rich and famous.

There is going to be some bad news and some good news.

Let’s talk about The bad news first.

If you don’t do anything about it today, tomorrow is going to be the same as it was yesterday… the same things that frustrate you about life every single day because you can’t always live on your own schedule, do the things you want to do and be the exact person you want to be 24/7.

The good news…

The good news is that if you click on the image below and let us walk you through this process to learn how you can sell other people’s stuff and learn how to do this so you can get paid what you’re worth then you will ultimately have whatever it is that you really want.

So now Michael is going to do is “hand you off” to our team leaders Eric and Matt.

Matt was the one who created this whole thing that we get to tap into that sells stuff like crazy… we just gotta get you there to see it.

Michael is sick and tired of seeing well-meaning people get screwed by their bosses and corporate America. Even blue-collar workers getting exploited because they think they have no other choice.

Michael knows from personal experience and he has been on both of those worlds.

It’s now time for you to be free of that too.

Click below to watch our next live webinar break down and illustrate exactly how this whole thing works.

(Oh.. you may have to enter your email they have a full teaching sequence to walk you through and if you get lost, they actually email you useful outlines and stuff to stay on track… its literally genius in motion… see for yourself)

We’ll see you on the inside,

Michael Pruiksma

P.S. Feel free to leave your comments below to ask questions or get clarification. I respond personally to all the questions and comments here.

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