Fire Your Boss

I’m your bosses worst enemy…

Let’s just say I’m going to be the worlds best job escape artist in 2020.

We are going to help more and more people, just like yourself quit their job this year than all the pervious years combined…

Are you going to be one of them?

…I mean…

How Long Will Your Golden Handcuffs Keep You Trapped From What You Really Want in Life?

Isn’t it time we all stopped pretending it’s worth it, to sacrifice health, relationships and family life for a job…


You’ve probably been told that you just need to have a good job and life will work out just fine.

You’ve probably been indoctrinated with this idea that happiness comes from having money and a lucrative career.

And you’ve probably worked really hard to climb the corporate ladder to earn that big fat paycheck.

And now, sitting on your comfy little rung of the corporate ladder, you’re looking at the rest of your life…

And you have no control of your schedule.

Your health is an afterthought.

Your relationships are strained.

This isn’t the happy, fulfilling life you were promised.

You haven’t been to the gym consistently in years…

You eat whatever’s available (which is a lot more fast food than you’d care to admit)

You see your significant other just a couple hours a night, if that.

It seems like the only time you get to spend any time together is on a Sunday evening.

Work has consumed every other area of your life.

“But the benefits are so good,” you might say…

“I’m making good money,” you may think…

But at the end of the day…

How much is it actually costing you to make money?

How often does your spouse or partner look at you and say, “I miss you.”

That familiar feeling of guilt tightens up your chest, and you justify yourself.

I have to work like this to provide for my family.

I don’t have time for a side business, I need to make money.

We wouldn’t be able to afford this house/car/boat if I weren’t at this job.

Lemme ask you this:

Is it really worth it to keep sacrificing everything else in your life just so you can make money?

Isn’t there a better way?

Is this really all there is?


Where you can work just a few hours a day and make more than you do now.

Where you can pick up and move to anywhere in the world, without worrying about asking for vacation time because you ARE the boss.

Where you can spend a couple hours a day at the gym without feeling guilty.

Where you can travel at a moment’s notice and stay where you want, not where you can afford.

If you’ve got kids, imagine hanging out with them in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.

Where you don’t have to wait until Saturday to see your kids in the daytime.

No more long hours, obnoxious commutes, and gut-wrenching guilt you feel when you miss your kid’s sports games yet again…

Imagine quitting the job you think is stupid (but pays well and keeps you trapped).

And discovering a greater purpose for your life than working a 9-5.

This is what the Modernized Lifestyle is all about…

This is a rare, exquisite, and exclusive lifestyle.

And I’ll warn you…

Getting there is not easy. It takes hard work. Tough, mental grit. A resilient attitude.

Luckily, I’ve done most of the hard work for you.

I’ve made huge mistakes. Lost friends. Lost money. Cried lots of tears.

And I’ve learned a lot that I’m passing on to you.

And I’ve spent the last few years distilling everything I’ve learned into automated, scalable systems to make this incredibly simple for you to implement.

If you’re ready to discover the keys to slipping your golden handcuffs and creating a life on your terms…

Then read on


You can either continue working the job you probably don’t like, making decent-but-not-amazing money while the rest of your life passes you by…

You can take action to design your life, build a lifestyle you love, and create wealth for yourself and your family.


You don’t need to sacrifice your health, family life, or relationships just to make money so you can escape the golden handcuffs that are keeping you trapped in a job you may not even like, and preventing you from truly enjoying your life.

If you continue to do what you have always done, you will only continue to get what you always got.

As my coach would always say… Don’t just stand there, do something…

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