BOLD Decisions for a Better Future

How valuable is your time to you?

After watching the eye opening video above, I just feel more alert, aware and alive.

Videos likes these that, wake me up inside and puts fire under my belly, like Robin Sharma taught me on his life changing live cast.

This is one of my favorite mentors and videos ever.

I DARE you to turn off all distractions and devote one hour of your life focused on this live cast. It will change your life you implement just a few of these strategies.

Watching personal development videos like Robins I have so much more energy and motivation to work towards my own dreams and goals instead, of trading my valuable and working to complete exhaustion some days.

Build Your Dream Lifestyle

I strive to do the best I can in everything I do and try to make small improvements everyday.

Just think about this.. If you make just a 1% improvement every day you will be 365% better at the end of the year.

I already know what life is going to be like, if I continue to do what I always done. I am only going to get what I have been getting.

if you do

If I didn’t chagce it wasn’t going to change.

Then it hit me…

  • What am I really doing with my time?
  • Can I be more productive and make more money  in the time I am living right now?
  • Am I really doing what I love to do?
  • Am I excited to get out of bed in the morning to wake up?

These questions, kept running through my mind and I am positive, I can greatly improve all of those areas if I set my mind to do it and keep pushing forward.

My biggest chunk of time was my full-time job, that I fell into after I lost my excavation job.

I was sitting in an excavator earning close to $30 per hour, loading big rocks in to the rock crusher and turning them into little rocks.

Michael Pruiksma operating portable rock crushers

I love it and that was my dream job, the bigger the and louder the machines were the more I loved them. I worked so hard to get that job and after 5 years.

In the economy collapse in 2007, I lost my dream job.

I had the option to move close to Ocean City, Maryland or stay in New Jersey.

So… I made a bold decision, to move to the beach.

I am so glad I did. I love it down here.

I mean, it’s freaking awesome cooling off in the ocean with wild horses.


It doesn’t get much better than this.

But when I moved down, it took me 4 months to find a job.

I was so desperate and depressed.

My bank account was in the negative, I couldn’t find a heavy equipment operator job any where.

So I called up just about every job in the classified section in the local advertising book and landed a job as a “Lawn Technician” starting out a $10 per hour fertilizing lawns.

I was glad I had a job to earn some money but on the on the flip side if felt like I had to down grade my life, to work three times as hard for a third of the pay.

Back in those day’s my only goal was to get drunk to hopefully forget about my problems and how much I hated the situation I was in.

But just like when you throw a wild lion in the cage at the zoo.

The lion is really pissed off and angry its confined and does everything in its power to try to escape back into its natural habitat.

For the first week, the lion is on edge. Every person that walks by it hisses and growls at everyone.

As the times goes by the lion realizes all its powers were striped away and it can’t do nothing so it starts to calm down.

If you wait about two weeks and go back, you will notice it’s much calmer than it was the first week.

The lion is at complete exhaustion trying to keep on fighting and over time, it gets use to being in the cage and just adapts to it.

Every day at 3pm it get a deer leg to eat.

All the lion has to do is walk over 15 to get it to eat.

After 10 years of being in the cage.

They decided to remove the cage and there was nothing holding it in the cage, the lion could just walk away.

But the lion got so use to being in the cage, walking over 15 feet to eat and go back and lay down with no bars.

Even though the bars were gone, they were still there in the lions mind and it never went out of its comfort zone again.

Thought Holding You Back

That story is identical to 80% of the population.

We can achieve so much more in life, if we just work a little harder and put in more effort.

But most people get comfortable just trading their valuable time for a paycheck and they earn just enough to go back every day and they make just enough not to quit.

One day something inside of me shifted, mentally.

I had a choice.

Most people just go through life as they were on an inner tube just floating down a river and they end up wherever the current takes them.

The only time you’re really aware of what’s going on is when you are about to run into a huge tree and pop your tube or about to plunge over a water fall.

People don’t have any aim in life, mo real future goals in the future they strive for..

They just float through life and cross their finger and pry that nothing happens to them.

I was one of those people, until I realized my life is the result of my best thinking. I realized this was not the mountain top I wanted to be on.

Doesn’t it suck when you have to dig the big ladder out and drag it across the yard to set it up, make sure it’s level and the feet are on sturdy ground.

You climb all the way up to the top and realized, you can reach it and have to start all over again.

Since 2012 I made a commitment with myself inside to be and do the best I can.

I also had a very important philosophy installed in me back when I was 15 and worked at a golf course with my Uncle Bill.

The job I had to do, was to plant a bunch of different flowers in the entrance way of the golf course.

I though he was going to help me plant them, but he just left me with the flats of flowers and disappeared.

But before he drove off in his gray Dodge pick up. I asked him where he wanted me to plant them and what plants to put where.

He told me to plant them and make it look as if was a flower garden if the front of my house.

So that is what I did.

And I still have that philosophy installed in me today.

When I work, I do the best I can, as if it was my own personal property.

Since it was done by me and had my name on it I wanted to do the best job I could possible do.

But after 8 years of doing the same thing everyday, day after day you start losing the passion and drive and end up like a lion in the cage.

I did not want to settle for working at a job and trade my time for paycheck.

I wanted more out of life and was ready to jump up to the next level and make a bold move for a better future.

So 9-3-15 was the day my bubble popped.

It took a long time for all the little things that kept adding up until, I said I had it and told my boss that in 2 weeks I am done.

There are better and bigger things  out there…

Then I realized, if I work as hard as I do at work, which some days is almost to passing out in complete exhaustion and harness that power and put in all into improving my lifestyle and future.

I can achieve amazing things…

Also another thing about having a job and working so hard for someone else and just collecting a paycheck. You are just getting paid to build their dreams. When you stop working the income stops.

Since 2012. I made a decision to NEVER rely on just one stream of income. Because when it stops, the bills don’t.

So I started my own home-based internet business in my spare time and now after 3 years. I am at one of the BIGGEST milestones of my life and there are so many emotions running through my head at 500mph.

The exhilaration of asking the boss to step outside to tell him you are quitting in 2 weeks is such an adrenaline rush. My heart was racing and I was a little shaky But I stood my ground and did what’s right for me and my future.

My time is running out and I want to live the best life I can possible life by doing the best I can possibly do and give a 110% effort in everything I do.

After it was over a few hours later, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder.

Now I feel more alive and motivated than ever to live the best life possible.

I want to leave you with one more short video.

So the bottom line is….

What are you doing with your time?

Change you destiny by what you do daily. There is no one that is going to improve you life but you!

This is YOUR time!

Do the best you can and make today better than it was yesterday.

Striving to be the best,

Michael Pruiksma

Michael Pruiksma Thumbs up

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