Blogging Series Vol 4 – Building Back links – Promoting Your Blog Post

Congratulations for sticking with it and making it this far in the blogging training series.

It’s not really so bad is it?

After your blog is all set up, all you need to focus on is finding good keywords, writing good valuable blog posts and implementing SEO in to the post and publish it.

Then there is just one more thing to do after you hit publish.

You need to promote your new post and build back links.

The more you blog, the faster and more efficient you will be.

I know it is tough in the beginning, I have been there too. And if I can do it, I know you can too.

Blogging is not hard, you just need to do it and don’t neglect doing the easy things, like I learned from Jim Rohn in his video, Getting Rich Is Easy.

I found the video and wanted to share it with you below. I highly recommend you watch the video a few times…

Seriously… This is the type of information that will change your life.

After and only after you watch the video, continue to the blogging training.

Building Blog Back Links

This is also known as off page SEO and is very important to do it right, so you do not get any penalties from google or appear as spam.

Back link are just links from other sites to your blog.

Just imagine your blog in on an island. Every link to your blog is like a bridge back to your blog. The more links the more traffic.

Before you go out and just blast your links all over the place, remember this. It is better to have 1 high authority link than 100 low quality links.

My recommendation for you is to focus on getting 3 high authority links over a short period of time.

What I am talking about authority links, I am talking about sites like. Google +, YouTube Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram and more…

To get an authority link, you would need to create a new social media profile and make sure you just link back to your blog.

The link is just the URL to your blog. For example my link is

If you want to see a few examples, I have links back to every one of my social media profiles you can access from my contact page.

When you create a new profile, make sure you add me and follow me.

Spend a few minutes a day, adding more friends posting an update. Not long about 15 min add about 7 target people to your profile everyday.

For example on Twitter fill out your profile and follow people who you think would be a target prospect.

When you follow a few people, some will follow you back.

The reason you want to build up a targeted audience is when you post a new blog post you are going to log into your social media accounts and share your new post is to build even more back links in the future.

This is going to be VERY important in the beginning to get traffic to your blog.

Google is slow and usually takes a few weeks to show up on the search engines.

It sucks it takes so long to get a new blog ranked on the search engines, but we are at the mercy of the search engines and the only thing we can do is what the search engines like to give our blog a boost.

The MOST important thing you need to remember when you are building back links is stay consistent and set a goal.

It looks really strange to the search engines if you get 83 one days and wait 2 weeks and post 117 more. Doing that is just looking for a trouble and you will get slapped with a penalty from the search engines which will make it even harder to get your blog ranked.

It will be more beneficial to post a few back links everyday or every other day. Not to many I would say about on average 7 a day 1 0r 2 links per platform.

So share your post on Facebook and then go to Google + and find a community to share it in, send out a tweet and maybe leave a comment on relevant blogs with a awesome comment so they will approve it.

When you post links to your blog, give it some thought and come up with a good description and maybe a cool picture to get people to come back to your blog.

I use to post stuff like learn how to blog.

Now I would say something like, Blogging Secrets Revealed – Learn How To Set Up A Blog In Your Spare Time With On Hand Tied Behind Your Back. See How.. Click the link to visit my blog.

Build a little curiosity to get them to click the link and visit your blog to learn more.

Also you need to have a marketing message match.

Meaning if you are talking to people who exercise tell them how this can benefit them and help them with their exercise.

If you are talking to business people tell them how this can help take their business to the next level.

This may seem advanced or hard to do, but just do your best and forget the rest.

The more you do it the easier it gets. Hang in there you can do it!

Stay committed and focused. You got this.

See you on the next blogging training series.

Michael Pruiksma

Michael on the beach

P.S. Check out this awesome post from a master blogger Niel Patel

How to Build High Quality Back links in a Scalable Way

Also let me know how you are doing so far in the comment section below.

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