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The Modernized Lifestyle Money-Making Blueprint.

I am going to reveal to you my own personal modernized lifestyle money-making blueprint.

But first, I want to let you know that there are going to be tools that I will recommend you use to give you an unfair advantage over the other bloggers on the internet. These tools will also make your life easier and put more money into your pocket.

When you do purchase these tools from me, I am going to receive a commission from you when you purchase these tools from me. (Thank you!)

I have also secured some special discounts and will also include my own personal how to training videos as a free bonus that will show you how to get the most out of these tools the fastest and easiest way possible.

These are my own personal bonuses and my way of saying thank you purchasing the tools from my affiliate link.

With that being said, let’s get into it.

Getting Your Blog Started.

The very first step to setting up your blog is getting a domain name.

A domain name is the address to reach your blog. For instance the domain name for my blog is

You can choose any name you want that is available.

It may take you a while to find the perfect domain name for your blog, if you need any help or recommendations feel free to contact me and I will be glad to share some ideas with you.

The best place to get your domain is from Namecheap. Click the banner below to get your domain name today at a low reasonable price.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

If possible get a .com or .net. It looks more professional.

After you purchase your domain name, you will need hosting which you can also get through namecheap by clicking the same banner and on top of the page you will see “Hosting” click that, then click on shared hosting and chose a package.

After you purchase a hosting package it’s time to install WordPress on your domain.

If you need help visit the knowledge base that will show you exactly what to do.

If you need help they have a 24-7 chat where you can get some one to help you. Which is awesome and why I love and recommend namecheap.

Once you get your domain and hosting set up, it’s time to choose a theme for your blog. WordPress had thousands of themes you can choose from.

I personally tried about ever there WordPress has to offer but it was so tough to get my site ranked on the search engines. So I invested in the best theme out there that has special powers and is built for SEO and is hands down the best theme to get ranked on the search engines.

It’s called Theses theme and you can learn more and get your theme by clicking the banner below.

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

You can also find all my blogging tools <– by clicking here.

Once you get your domain, hosting and theme set up, it’s time to start blogging!

How to target buyers and what you need to blog about.

This is the MOST important part of blogging is finding the right keywords. I can not stress enough how critical this step is.

Before I even think about writing a blog post the very first thing I do is keyword research.

Blogging is not a guessing game.

We want to make sure that people are actively searching for what we are going to be blogging about and we want to make sure there is not going to be a lot of competition so our blog post have the best chance to show up on the search engines results for the keyword we are going to blog about to get targeted visitors (traffic) to our blog posts.

Over the past 3 years, I have tried a bunch of keyword research tools. But for the price and results the Jaaxy keyword research tool comes out on top or my list.

The Jaaxy keyword tool is ($19) per month.


You can give to the Jaaxy keyword tool a try, you will get 30 free searches by clicking the “Try Jaaxy Now” Button above.

When you purchase the Jaaxy keyword research tool above, I will send you my private inside secrets video where I will show you and explain how it works, what to look for and how to find the best keywords to blog about.

I will also give you a bunch of keywords, so you can start blogging right away.

Now you have you blog set up and ready to go, you have the best keyword research tool to find the best keywords to blog about.

Now I am going to show you how to SEO your blog post so the search engines can find your blog and display it on the search results.

How to get your blog to show up on the search results.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is nothing more than putting our keywords in a few specific areas of our blog post to let the search engines know exactly what our blog post are about so the search engines can display your blog post in the search results for the targeted keyword.

You want to MAKE SURE you have only one keyword per blog post and you need to have the keyword in these exact locations of your blog post.

  • Tile of blog post.
  • URL of the blog post.
  • Heading of blog post.
  • First sentence of blog post.
  • H2 and H3 headings.
  • Bolded and Italicized through out your blog post.
  • Title tag.
  • Meta Description.
  • Meta keywords.

The secret is to make your blog post sound natural, but have your keyword through out your blog post so the search engines know exactly what your blog post is about.

Always remember to write your blog for people not just to rank on the search engines.

Then after you have you post your blog it’s time ping it and share it with others and get back links.

Pinging your blog posts.

After you hit publish on every blog post you want to ping them.

Pinging mean you that you are telling the search engines than you just created new content so the search engines can index your site.

Sharing your blog post to get Back Links.

It usually takes a few weeks to start to see your blog rank on the search engines. About 90 days for new blogs.

So in the mean time we want to tell people about our blog post and get instant visitors to our blog through social media platforms.

I recommend creating a YouTube video with the same keywords and make sure you put the link of your blog post in the description of your YouTube video.

YouTube videos rank faster and is a high quality back link to your blog. So at the end of your YouTube video make sure you can click the link in the description below to visit my blog for more information.

Share your blog on social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn. If you do not have these social media platforms yet just create them, the are free.

By sharing our blog post with others on social media platforms, it will get you instant traffic plus it also get you back links that will boost your blog.

The more back links we have and the more people like, comment and share our blog post the better.

But do not over do it because the search engines with penalize you for over doing it. The secret is being consistent. I recommend posting about 5-10 back links a day, everyday. It should only take you about 5 min.

You will also need to get high page rank back links.

This means when you create a social media profile, you want to put the link to your blog in the profile description area of your Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Instagram profile, Facebook pages, Google + profile and YouTube account.

These are high page rank sites and will give your blog a big boost and get it on the search engines faster and higher in the search results.

Michael’s Modernized Lifestyle Blogging Blueprint Summary.

First you need to set up your blog.

Then do keyword research with the Jaxxy keyword tool to find target keywords that people are actively searching for to get them to your blog.

Once you have your blog and some good keywords, it’s time to start blogging.

Make sure you SEO your blog post so the search engines will find it.

Ping your blog URL to let the search engines know you just created a new blog post so the search engines can index your blog.

Share your blog post to get traffic and build back links.

If you are new to blogging this may sound like a lot to do, but once you do it a few times you will get faster and it will become easier and easier.

It is natural for me now because I have been doing these exact strategies for over 2 years now and have made thousands of dollars hands free thank to my blog.

The real secret to creating the Modernized Lifestyle is stay committed and blog daily.

The more you blog, the more people will visit your blog, the more money you will make.

If you have a brand new blog it is going to take about 90 days to start seeing your blog rank on the search engines, but there is nothing we can do to speed it up. It is just the way the search engines work.

It is well worth the wait, Trust Me!

The more you blog the better you will be, the easier it will be and the more money you will make.

The secret is to blogging is getting started and never stop no matter what.

Now go start blogging.

Let me know in the comment section below when your purchase your blog and keyword research tool in the comment section below and I will send your bonuses over ASAP!

If you have any questions or comments, contact me or leave me a comment below.

You can do it and I am here to help you.

Michael Pruiksma

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