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Promoting and Advertising Tips

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  • Doing what I can by promoting on my personal Facebook page. Also advertising on kijiji which is like Craigs list for Canada (and still respected site)
    Been advertising for a few days but need help

  • brittney

    Hi I am very very new to LeVel Thrive I actually haven’t even received my product yet. I signed up as promoter on 1/22/16 and it’s now 1/26/16 and I have no one on board i have tried friends,family and facebook. It seems like i get excuse after excuse mostly financial. . I have heard of several people even my up line who met there vip 1600 within a few days before they even received their product. I’m discouraged . PLEASE HELP!

  • Amanda

    I have been a promoter for Thrive for almost a month now and I have plenty of people wanting the free samples yet no customers to speak of, Please any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Magan

    Thanks for your video, it was truly inspiring and relate-able

  • Tried this… Not working for me… Would love help!

  • Annemarie

    Hi I have been a promoter for almost 2 months and only have one customer and 2 inactive promoters on my team. I really would like another point of view other than my upline offering some suggestions to get customers and promoters

    • That’s awesome congratulations.. I love thrive…
      What are you currently do promote thrive?
      Do you have any online marketing / advertising experience?

  • Jessica

    I am new at this and it seems really hard. I keep telling people how I feel and how things keep getting better for me from my health to my energy. People see it but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I am a wife and have 3 kids and don’t have much time to socialize. Please help me to be able to promote thrive. How do you do it. So far I can’t even get any email address or get anyone to even try it. What an I doing wrong and how do I do it better.

    • Hey Jessica,
      Send me a email and let me know what you are doing and saying to your prospects and I will help polish up what you say to prospects that will having them begging to buy thrive products from you. I will be glad to help you.

  • Hannah

    Hey! Very interesting stuff ya got here. I just upgraded to promoter today and don’t want to fall into the rut of not being able to sell. Most of my friends are middle class with kids so I figured it might be hard but worth a shot. I am middle Class with 4 kids, home health job, and a husband who is a full time engineering student. We could really use the extra income, as I’m sure everyone could. Can you explain a little further and deeper into this blog based selling technique? I’m interested to see what your blog looks like and how it works. Many thanks from down south!

  • Hi there
    I have been a promoter for a little while, although family life sometimes prevents me from devoting as much time to this as I’d like. I think my two main issues are when people go to the call in number they notice they are NOT toll free and they say I have to pay before I even buy anything? Another issue is the price everyone I’ve encountered has had a big problem with the price tag. How do you persuade people without being overly aggressive and off putting ? Despite the fact that I have been telling people how much better I have been feeling since using Thrive, most of the people that I’ve tried telling about thrive seem to just scoff at me and call it nothing more a scam. How would you keep upbeat and motivated when others seem uninterested ? Thanks for your help!

  • Judy

    Michael, I am thrilled to have come across your site. I, also, see that we have common ideas re: promoting. I so want to share with the world this product I have found but unfortunately, I need to find another way. I know very little about online marketing. To be more correct, I know very little about marketing in general. When I mention other ideas to ‘support people’ I haven’t been able to get positive feedback. Please help????

  • Dominick

    Hey there,
    So I have been trying thrive for over 4 months now and have had a really hard time getting others to sign up. I am running into the problem that they are either to poor or rather buy energy drinks. Any advice I live in a medical city so I figured I’d have a lot more customers than I do now which is 0! Help please!

  • Very interested in your advice and guidance.

  • Devon

    I just started promoting thrive le-vel a month ago I am unable to even get on person interested I have tried many ways I’m a stay at home mom who did this for extra income and we’ll right now I pretty much wasted money to not earn a single thing back. I’m pretty bummed out and very stressed. Any advice that would help me?

    • I can pick out a few key things you said in your comment that is not allowing you to succeed. First… let me share a quote with you that will stick with you for a long time. “Were your mind goes, energy flows” Meaning what you focus on you get.
      Before you do anything else… I highly recommend listening this recording ASAP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS7b1I50F7Y
      What are you doing right now to promote your le-vel business?

  • Stephen Willie

    Feel free to email me or add me on Facebook so that we may communicate better.

  • Tyson Reed

    My wife and I need your help

  • Stephen Willie

    Hey Micheal,

    I was always baffled that many of these companies like Level, Herbalife and Beachbody tell you that the best way to market their products is through friends, family, coworkers and Facebook. Wouldn’t they think that targeting those people with specific problems and offering them a solution would make them more money, so why don’t they do that? I am familiar with targeted keywords, blogs, wordpress, websites, domains, webinars, landing pages, affiliate marketing…etc. I explained this to my upper line and they have never heard of it before. I’m here because I am looking for help to build my Thrive business. Thus looks like a great place to start. I look forward to learning more.

    • Hey Steve,

      Yeah. I believed it until I tried it and realized that it is not as easy as you make it out to be. So I broke away from the crowd and tried something totally different that everyone else was doing and do it in a way, I did not have to bug my friends and family, no home or hotel parties, and I was not going to cold call or walk up to strangers to offer my products.

      I am proud to say over the last few months, I now have 145 retail customers and 37 Brand Promoters on my team. I think I am doing pretty good, for just starting out.

      I would be glad to help you out, it would be awesome if we can record some training hangouts I can share with the team and you will be able to ask me questions, live. what do you think?

      • Stephen

        I’d very much like that…to be part of a recorded training hangout and ask questions. I’m in.

      • Kel Bamman

        Hey would like to chat as well since I’m also trying this now would like to see if I’m going in the right direction and what worked and did not work etc thanks!

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