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Are you joining the hot new trend of making money online from home?

Millions of people are already doing it and there has never been a better time to start making money online.

I am so grateful, I stumbled on to a page like this back on 5-31-2012.

I was searching for a way to earn income working from home in my spare time, after my full-time job.

I found and tried a lot of crazy things and learned a lot along the way, or should I say the secret to making money online, virtually hands-free 24-7.

Let me explain…

When you work at a job for someone else, you trade your time for a paycheck.

Or we can say, they rent you to do their work and help them build their dreams.

I love the way, Jim Rohn put’s it in this video…

Wages will earn you a living.

Profits will earn you a fortune.

Make sure you watch this short video, just press play.

This is some good stuff.

It was at the end of that video where Jim talks about, starting out working just a few hours a week to earn a profit.

That blew my mind at the time.

When you sell stuff online for a direct sales company, they have a compensation plan and rewards for selling their products.

It was a learning experience the first few months and then I discovered a way do it all online, with no cold calling, home or hotel meetings and without having to bug my friends and family.

Over a year or two I really perfected my marketing plan and how to find the ideal people to buy what I was selling in a way that worked around the clock if I was working at my full-time job, sleeping or on vacation.

Just like the day, I was relaxing on the beach with wild horses and set a record day online. I earned $1,000 commission while I was relaxing on the beach.

Michael Pruiksma Frounder of Modernized Lifestyle

Wouldn’t be awesome if you too could set up a simple website, learn basic marketing skills and sell products to people who want to buy them and earn money around the clock for doing so?

The internet is here, and I think it is here to stay.

  • We bank online.
  • Shop online.
  • Date online.
  • Connect with friends and family online.
  • Learn online.

I mean everything we do is now online.

Why not make money online?

There has never been a better time to start, than today.

The sooner you start the sooner you will be making money online from home.

I just want to personally invite you to watch our team webinar and get more information and all your questions answered.

All you need to do is, enter your best email address below and I will send you the private link to attend the free webinar.

There is NOTHING to lose and A LOT to gain.

See what the thousands of people are raving about and what they did to make money online and live their dream lifestyle.

Watch the webinar and get plugging into our system.

We are going to be doing big thing in 2016 and would really love to have you on our team achieving big things with us.

Who is excited and ready to make money online from home in 2016?

Let me know in the comment section below!


The saying goes…

If you do what you have always done, you are only going to get what you have always got.

I am here to share with you some New Year Resolution Ideas that will transform your, health, wealth and happiness in 2017.

I broke down the 2017 New Year Resolutions in 4 categories below.


First you need to know to control your mind and program it for success.

Stop ingesting negative information, turn off the news, talk radio shows, gossip and drama.

Focus on the positive.

Listen to motivational videos, download Personal Development Audio Books right to you phone you can listen to when you are driving or performing activities you don’t need a lot of mental focus for.

It’s crazy how your mind works.Thought Holding You Back

Did you know that, where your thoughts and feelings go, that is where your energy flows.

Create a goal write it down on paper with a dead line and read it every morning you wake up and every night before you go to bed.

You have to program you mind.

You need to keep telling your mind what you want.

It’s kinda like a GPS, it will tell you how to get there if it knows where you want to arrive at.

Write down a date when you are going to be in the best shape of your life.

Write down how much you need to live the life of your dreams.

Write down what you will be doing right now if time and money was not an issue.

Control your mind and develop a mindset of a champion.


You need to provide the proper nutrients and fuel to have your mind and body operating at peak levels.

Have you noticed after you eat fast food or processed food, you feel tired and sluggish?

That food was just made to taste good, but it’s not actually doing your body that much good.

Try to limit processed foods and eat more fruit and drink more water.

My goal is to eat 3 pieces of fruit a day. One banana in the morning and 2 apples during the day for a snack when I get hungry.


The reason I put wealth in the 3rd position because you don’t want to be the riches man or woman in the grave yard.

Let’s first start off by saying this.

Profits are better than wages.

Working at a job earning wages will make you a living. Which is fine.

Creating a business that makes you profits will lead to fortune. Which is super fine.

You can live fine or super fine, the choice is up to you.

Back on 5/31/2012 I turned to the internet to make addition income online, because my job sucked and I couldn’t find a better one.

Over the years I discovered a way to leverage a simple website and earn multiple streams of income 24/7.

I do this all online in literally my spare time a few hours after work, instead of watching TV or having to be entertained.

All I do is spend an hour or so writing a blog post or shooting a video and putting it on the internet that over time thousands of people are going to see.

Do the work once and have it working for you months and years to come.

That’s what I call working smarter not harder.

Let me invite you to pop by and check out or live webinar.

Everything you need is inside, all you need to do is come in and join us.

The system, tools, training, resources, and an awesome community of people just like you.


Be the best you can.

I mean we only have once chance at this game of life, no one ever escapes alive.

Since we are here, why not create the best life we can.

Before we end this, I want to share with you a video that will make the hair stand on the back of your neck and maybe make you cry.

Only if you are ready.

To see if you are ready to take your lifestyle to the next level in 2016, go to a private quite place, shut your eyes and listen to Jim Speak.

Everything you learned in life, got you to this exact moment in time.

All you have to do is look back and decide if you love your life or you need to make a few improvements.

Strive to make tomorrow better than it was yesterday.

Make 2017 better than it was in 2016.

Don’t keep drifting along in life.

Figure out what you want to go for it.

You can do whatever you set your mind to, just remember to set it for something you really want.

Now stop waiting around and make something happen.

2017 New Year Resolution Transformation Ideas Summary.

You are what you think about all day long….

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;

Give your body the proper fuel, hydration, nutrition and exercise it needs.

Create a simple little system online that generates you income 24-7 to have some extra money to pay off bills, get out of debt or buy something on your wish list.

Get motivated and take action!

Make a plan, set a goal and make it happen in 2016!

Live with passion.

Michael Pruiksma

Michael on the beach

P.S. Come check out out live webinar, you will be very excited and your future will be thanking you for it.


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Dear future online entrepreneur,

There has never been a better time to start your own home-based online business in 2016.

Stop waiting for the world to get better.

Stop waiting for taxes to get lower.

Stop waiting for a dream lifestyle and go create it.

Welcome to modernized lifestyle.

My name is Michael Pruiksma.

Michael Pruiksma Taking A Selfie While Working

I am just your ordinary 32-year-old guy that works full-time as a landscaper in the day time and when the sun goes down and bugs come out I fire up my laptop computer and work on my home-based internet business.

My online journey all began back on 5-31-2012.

I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So I did something about it.

I learned a new skill.

The new skill I learned and keep getting better at is, earning multiple streams of income.

All online without having to bug my friends and family.

Not having to host home or hotel meeting.

Will never cold calling a single prospect.

No dealing with packing, wrapping, shipping or storing boxes of products in your closet.

It’s 2016 Dream BIG.

How much do you want to make?

How many places do you want to travel to?

If you could do what you want, with who you want, anytime you want, what will you be doing right now?

Why are you not doing that right now?

Whats stopping you?

What excuses do you keep telling yourself?

If you don’t change noting will change.

That one sentence hit me hard.

I realized that I was the problem and it was not my fault.

I needed to update my thinking and make better choices about whats valuable and make better decision that is going to improve my life, not take away from it.

What better way to learn a new skill is there but from the people who already have already be there and done it.

This is what I did to learn a new skill set to make more money.

All I did was listen to podcasts, audio books and self-development information.

I was learning valuable information while I was driving around in my jeep wrangler.

When I am not doing anything that requires a lot of focus I am listening to a good personal development audio.

Since then I already listened to over 2 months worth or education and ideas from successful people.

Personal Development and Business Audio Books Listening Time

Check out my BIG list of personal development book collection.

80% of building a successful home-based online business is developing the right mindset.

The other 20% is showing up and doing the work, which requires self-discipline and determination.

Believe me it is easier to grab the TV remote and sit on the couch and watch TV then it is to build a home based business online.

Sometimes you may have to question your thoughts before they become an action.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;

What I had to do was ask myself if what I was about to do was going to improve my future or take away from it.

Most of the time, making the right decision is not always the easiest but it’s the right thing to do.

My recommendation for you is be more aware of the information you are watching and listening to.

Is it positive or negative?

When I don’t really feel like doing some I need to get done, I watch a few motivational videos and get pumped up.

Watch this short motivation video, just press play.

How do you feel now?

I hope you are ready to fight for the lifestyle of your dreams.

Just doing these 2 simple things I shared with you for over the next 66 days will transform your thinking and mindset.

How To Start A Home-Based Internet Business.

Let’s talk business.

But before we do, I want to do what I like to call reverse engineering.

All home based internet businesses as mostly commission based.

That means you need to sell something to earn a commission for doing so.

In order to make money, you need to sell stuff online.

Who are you going to sell your product or opportunity to?

You need to find a target market and get your information in front of the right prospect at the right time.

It’s not hard to sell stuff to people who are wanting it and searching the internet looking to buy it.

There are a few very important ingredients to whip up a profitable home business.


Traffic is simply prospects you need to direct to an offer they may be interested in.

You usually direct the traffic to a landing or capture page. When they enter their name and email address they will be come a lead and someone you know is interested in what you are offering and send them more information through an email auto-responder.

The last step is converting the lead into a happy customer and repeat buyer.

It’s not rocket science you just need to focus on income producing activities which includes a way to grow you business and get more traffic, leads and sales.

The System.

Since I first began my journey online, I was so fascinated when I learned the power of systems.

The automated sales system literally does all the explaining and selling for me.

Once I learned there was automated sales system that really work and pump out big paydays, I was on a mission to find an endless supply of targeted prospects and send them through the sales funnel that is working for me 24-7.

This is what I call the modernized lifestyle and this system has all the tools, training and instructions of your dreams.

Also I just want to make sure that you know you can try out the system for 2 weeks and if you are not completely satisfied just send an email to support and you will get a 100% no questions asked refund.

Just thought you would like to know.

Actually I only want to work with serious people and if you are not serious I will be grateful you took action and gave it a try,  you will be glad you did.

Simply click the image below to see if this would be something you would like.

start a home based online business part-time in 2016