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Everyone has their own means and reasons why they start a home-based business, but in this post I want to share with you why I made a decision to start a home based business.

I can answer that question, with just ONE simple word.


I needed a new direction.

The old ways were just not working out for me.

When I talk about the old ways, I am talking about working at a job.

That was all I was ever taught, growing up.

You need to work at a job to make money and if you want to make more money and get a better job, you need to go to college to learn a new career to get a better job.

I totally understand why our parents tell us to do that. Because that is what they did and what worked for them, years ago.

But now the world is changing.

Did you know back in the early 1900’s less that 10% of the population worked for other people or the government, and over 90% of them self-employed.

Just 80 years later that flipped to 90%  worked for other people or the government and only 10% were self-employed.

I believe this is the reason for that change.


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