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Formula Bonus

Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned.

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  • Thomas Moody

    Very interested in more information

  • I just sign up as a promoter and placed an order over $200.00 which made me qualified and active. I am sooo anxious to get started!

  • Jonathan

    Hey boss, what’s the secret formula I joined the team earlier today

  • Kevin Johnson

    Glad to be on the team

  • Christian

    I am interested in the Le-Vel Promoter Team Building Formula. It said to enter your email in a box below but I could only see an area to leave a comment. I am possibly interested in joining Le-Vel as a Promoter and requested info from a few different people last month only to not hear back from anyone. Great way to run your business huh? LOL This approach sounds interesting and I am interested in hearing more.

    • Hey Christian…

      Awesome, I will send you a email here in a minute with more information and my secret plan.

      Talk to you real soon.

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