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Empower Team

First and foremost I just want to welcome you to our team inside of Empower Network.

Below I am going to walk you through the Empower Network website and get you on the fast track to setting up your blog and get you positioned to make the most money in the short period of time.

Are you ready?

Well then let’s go..

If you stumbled on to this page and are not yet a member of or Empower Team get start below. You will be glad you did. Watch the short video and get started and join our team today.

Join Our Empower Team

Before we get into all the details, I just want to introduce you our team and our team leader.

This is Aaron and I at the Empower Network event in Chicago.

Aaron & I at The Empower Event

Here is a short video of our team on a cruse on this yacht around Miami.

We are all real people, all different shapes colors and sizes from all around the world that have one thing in common. That is improving our lifestyle and living the life we truly deserve.

I am just so glad you are now a part of our family.

Empower Network is the tools and training to build a profitable home-based internet business.

Let me share this short story with you…

Do you remember reading and hearing about the gold rush in the early 1900’s?

There were thousands of people who caught the gold fever and went out west in search for gold.

In order to find the gold, they needed to dig for it.

But in order to dig for it, they needed a certain set of tools and a map that showed them where to dig.

Now for a serious question…

Who would you rather have been the people who risked their lives digging for the gold?

Or the owner of the local hardware store that sold the gold miners all the tools they need to extract the gold from the ground?

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be pressing buttons on the cash register than digging for the gold.

The same concept is happening in 2015, but the modern-day gold rush is making money online.

Millions of people have gold fever, but they don’t have the tools or training to build a profitable home-based business or know how to money online.

This is what the Empower Network is all about.

Everything inside of Empower Network is here to help you and teach you how to build a profitable home based business. The tools, the training, our team, the empower community is all here to help you get to the gold as soon and fast as possible in the shortest amount of time.

So if you just joined our Empower team, I just want to welcome you to the team and let you know you are in the right place at the right time.

Welcome to our family.

Our Empower Online Family

Now let’s get you on the fast track to success with our team.

Getting Everything Set Up And Ready To Go.

Once you purchased you empower network blog it’s time to set it up properly and get the training you need to make it work.

The first thing I recommended you do is log into your Empower Network account, to do that go to https://www.empowernetwork.com/login.php

Once you are logged in, click on the “Tools” tab and then “Walkthroughs”.

Empower Team Walkthrough

I recommend taking time and going through all 25 lessons.

This is explain everything in full detail and get you familiar with the empower back office.

After you watch all the lessons, its time to watch the 4 videos inside the Level up sequence.

Set aside a few hours and go through all the video, you will be glad you did.

When you are logged in to your empower back office, click on the “Home” tab and you will see the Level Up Sequence Button. Click it to start the first video.

Empower LevelUP Sequence

Follow along with Holly as she walks you through the entire sequence.

While you’re watching the videos, take out a note pad and take notes. There is REALLY good training in all of the videos.

Once you watch all the video, you will be positioned to earn the most money possible with your blog and you will have all the training at your fingertips.

After you watch the walk through videos and Level up sequence it’s time to start blogging.

Setting up your Kalatu blog.

The first thing you want to do is log into your empower network back office, click “Products” than “Viral Blogging System”.

Log into Kalatu blog

Then just click on “Login”

You will be directed right to your Kalatu blogging dash-board.

Kalatu Blog Dashboard

The first you want to do is watch the video with Travis and he will walk you through the blog dashboard.

The next step will be to start the 21 day blogging challenge.

This is actually a plug-in that will show you, help you and teach you how to post blogs step by step, on day at a time.

You are going to love it.

When you are logged in to your Kalatu blogging dash-board, click on the 21 day blogging challenge, watch the video and post your first blog.

Kalatu 21 day blogging challenge

Stay committed and stick with it, set a goal to post a new blog a day. You can set a half hour to an hour a side to post a blog.

The most blog posts you have on the internet, the more people who see them, the more leads you will get and the more money you will make.

If you have more time, post 2 – 3 blog posts a day.

It might seem difficult or you might not know what to write, but stick with it and the more you blog the easier it gets and the faster you will be able to blog in the future.

The toughest part about blogging is getting started.

I wish I had theses tools and training when I first started blogging. I had to go through 6 weeks of intensive training just to learn how to set up a blog.

Everything is here at your finger tips, there is no excuses why you can’t watch the videos and do what they teach you.

We are here to help you.

Kalatu Blog settings

After you’re done with the blog settings.

It’s time to start blogging.

To continue this training, enter your name and email address below.

I will email you when I host the next live training and we will be going over blog structure, Keywords, what to blog about, SEO and more.

You don’t want to miss out it.

See you there.

Michael Pruiksma

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